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Sunday, October 19, 2008

i've been tagged!

so my friend laura tagged me for this blog chain thing. i don't know what to call it. but anyways, these were the instructions: post 6 facts about yourself and then tag 6 other people. i have homework to do... so naturally, i will do this.

1. i laugh the hardest when i'm with my sister.. like, to the point of tears (and maybe pee. don't judge me.) i love going home to georgia after being in TN for too long, because it always feels so good to really laugh.

2. after one of the first dates with zach, i saw him at the georgia football spring game (G-Day). after talking with him i started making my move to leave and i sort of froze. in a split second, i didn't know if we should hug or have no physical contact and just say good-bye. so, i gave him a high-five. i was mortified.... zach, of course, didn't even notice the awkwardness. so i married him :)

3. i love to sing into hairbrushes.

4. i am emotionally involved with television.

5. my family dog, spot, knows when he is being made fun of. he once had this gross bump on his neck. kara made fun of it for a long time. spot never even knew it was there and then one day he started scratching at it til it bled BECAUSE kara was so mean. isn't that heartbreaking?

6. i enjoy playing "would you rather" even though i can get very stressed out choosing what i would rather do....

ok, so if you read this and also blog, please take part in the fun! i think i'm supposed to tag people, but i am too lazy :) let me know if you do it! love!


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