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Thursday, September 25, 2008

i love thursday nights

there are a few things i want to talk about tonight, even though i should be going to sleep....

1) grey's freakin anatomy. anyone still watch it? well i do and i don't know where to start... loved seeing the army doctor dude!! how can you not love a guy in uniform?!? oh, and the crazy opening scene?!?! i freaked out. and THEN the crazy one-liners that also freaked me out. i have a good feeling about this season. OH and i was so happy to see denny. well, happy slash sad.

2) the office.... YYYYEEESSSSSSS!!!! ryan made me laugh in this episode, and i'll leave it at that just in case people haven't seen it yet.

3) it is almost october. let me repeat that: it is almost october. last friday, the 19th, marked one year of deployment. in october, i will be able to say "when is my husband coming home, you ask? oh, next month." NEXT MONTH. sure, it will probably be the end of november, but um, that is still NEXT MONTH thankyouverymuch. and i am so ready. you kind of get into a groove during a deployment (you have to, unless you want to go crazy or act like a basket case 24/7) but i have pretty much hit the wall and need my other half home. it is time!

OH MY GOSH i totally almost forgot to mention that i saw MARIA (sonia manzano) from sesame street speak at APSU tonight. i LOVE her. it is so refreshing to hear wonderful and articulate speakers, you know? and my kids are going to grow up on sesame street.


Blogger Pipper said...

Ok, found you on Twitter because I'm bored and just typed in the town where I live and found your name... saw you were married, so am I. Clicked on your blog, I have one too! and saw that you like The Office, me too! Promise I'm not a stalker, just a really bored mom right now :-)

September 26, 2008 at 5:30 PM  

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