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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


tonight at remix the youth pastor, or whatev the his title is (michael bayne) asked who we can share our worst failures with. he named three. i mean, it is really hard for me to count because i know i hold onto things so long before i tell people. anyways, i can name two people. sort of crazy to think about, huh? am i the only one with such a low number?

breaking news: i'm on a budget and have been for about 2 weeks. (thank you zachary and dave ramsey.) i really should not share this, but here it is: i actually take a small calculator with me when i go grocery shopping now - you know, just to keep track with my spending. but i am so embarrassed that i hide it in my purse. i am like, 24 going on 80. again, a big thanks to the husband and mr. ramsey.


Blogger Ashley said...

stephanie, i don't know if you remember me or not (i worked with megan at camp hawkins in the summer of 05), but i read your "breaking news" and had to comment. we started a budget too with wonderful mr. ramsey, and i too, sadly at age 22, carry a calculator to the grocery store. amazing how getting married and doing grown-up things makes you feel so silly sometimes! :) just thought i'd let you know that you're not the only 20 something going on 80 year old. :)

September 11, 2008 at 8:17 AM  

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