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Friday, September 5, 2008

a shout out of sorts

this shout out goes to my brother, will(ie) and this is not a nice shout out. this is a "hey, why haven't you called me back? why must i find out that you were in nashville by your (awesome) girlfriend who is down in tuscaloosa? when i go to chattanooga next weekend i will not swing by to take to to lunch or dinner. well, i will.... just call me. if you don't, i will name one of my sons william before you have a chance to. ok, love you!"

and since i am shouting out to my sibling, i'll add one for kara, who doesn't read this, but whatev. kara: "you should really come visit me. i am finding single guys for you to date practically everyday. actually, don't visit me, just move in. i'll be a better roomie than mom and dad... well, minus the free groceries. love you :)"

ok, now one for kings: "hey yo! don't make all the sorority girls too jealous at once. give small glimpses of your awesomeness in daily doses - but not all at once, they will get overwhelmed. and don't break up with will, because if you do i fear i will never know anything about him. miss you and love you!

oh this is fun. here is a shout-out for my love: "if you were home, there would be no room for you in our bed. i keep all the pillows in your place now. i don't put them on the floor anymore to prevent brown recluses from sneaking in them and attacking me. but please come home soon anyways, i'll find a new place for the pillows. love you!!"


Blogger Katie said...

I totally don't put pillow on the floor. Spiders love that. No ma'am, I keep those pillows real close to me all night long.

September 15, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

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