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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hey, it is september!!

first of all, my previous post with the youtube video: totally not supposed to be "oh woe is me, i am an army wife" it was more... "um, look at that crazy man sing!" (i shouldn't make fun, but well...)

okay, i'm watching friends, and i just realized that ross and rachel talked about baby names before they said "i love you." i learn something new about that show everyday. productive? no. fun? yes.

it is september, people. SEPTEMBER!! that means in about two weeks zach will hit ONE YEAR of deployment!!! i'm sorry for the repetition, but you'll be reading it all month. brace yourself.

i would now like to share a story of shattered pride: a few weeks ago i was hanging out with my good friends. there were other people there, and i met them. well, i talked to this one person for about, oh, 5 minutes. about a week later i see this person again... and they do not remember me. i had to reintroduce myself. here is what went through my mind during the exchange: excuse me?!?! i had a conversation with you!!! i was a good listener and i am charming. i am MEMORABLE. no, i don't remember your name, but you forgot my face!!!

phew, i feel better now. sometimes a nice reminder of "it's not about me" is refreshing, no?

(hey kings had her first college exam today!! *applause* :)


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