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Sunday, August 3, 2008


unfortunately, i did a bad job at taking pictures. well, i did an AWESOME job at taking pictures during our weekend in vermont, but after that i felt silly at any other time taking pics because technically i was the one on vacation - but other people weren't. does that make sense? anyways, i also don't have any pics of me haha, so ya'll caught a lucky break this post.

here is a view from my fam's cabin on lake bomoseen, VT

on the top leftish, wonderful cat reading and chilling on the boat. in the bottom picture: sweet kara... smiling away while our cousins, cat and ben, feel the wrath of greg's driving.

these last two are a few of my favs. on left, of course, mom. being well, susan. now the picture on the right is from grammy's apartment. it isn't a great picture, but i bet you don't know what they are doing.... checking blood sugar levels! mine was 92! haha
i seriously had so much fun with family and the susans (mom's bff's) - who are family, just not by blood :) wish we lived a liiil bit closer though!!


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