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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

maybe this could work?

when zach was home on leave we spent the majority of our time at our home: georgia. being home with him and seeing our friends put this longing in my heart to be back in marietta, habersham, atlanta - where ever as long as we are in georgia.

but tonight when i left community group, i had the CRAZIEST feeling. it was the feeling that if God wanted me to stay in clarksville, i would be okay with that. (that really says a lot about my community group too.) it was almost freeing, because i am learning to truly trust that God will meet me wherever i am at. and that means i will be willing to go where ever He sends me and the husband. although i can't help praying that place will be georgia, i have this wonderful feeling that where ever we go after the army, i'll be content with my Jesus.

ps- miss you skittle.


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