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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more nail salon drama.

i always seem to have some weird experience when i get a mani or pedi. (although, i have had TWO normal nail salon visits in marietta.) today i got my a pedicure in clarksville... here is a sum up of my visit:

1. started off with scalding water. i said "its a little warm for me"... nothing was done and the entire time my feet were bright red. (this is really my fault. i seem to lose my voice and allow myself to be tortured by nail people.)
2. the guy didn't wear gloves.
3. he used the razor shaver thing. we were talking and i say "i am from georgia, and they aren't allowed to use those." he says, "yea, we aren't supposed to either. we just do." and then i had horrific thoughts about why the razor things were banned...
4. because of the extremely hot water, i started to sweat. and i couldn't stop.
5. i just know he was talking about me to his co-workers. i just know it! (i forgive him though, because he spent some time talking to me too. he was nice to my face atleast haha.)

totally switching gears here: i am baby-sitting a tiny 6 month-old yorkie-poo!!! his name is duke and he belongs to the anthony's. buck is still warming up to him, but i know they'll be bff4l's.

ok, back to re-watching '27 dresses.'


Blogger Suzanne said...

hahahahahhahaha #3....totally laughing out loud at my desk...love it! haha aww sad. when are you coming to visit!?!?!

July 9, 2008 at 11:04 AM  

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