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Thursday, July 3, 2008

guilty pleasure alert!!

so i thought that surely, my obsession with cheesy Christian novels would take the cake. oh no, then those crazy people at abc family had to come out with camp rock. that's right, i am loving camp rock. it is painfully awkward and awesome. AND that main girl can really, really sing.

and it is not over folks, i'm hoping for another hit in "picture this" with ashley tisdale. with zach gone, i totally indulge because i wouldn't enjoy these movies nearly as much with him complaining in the background :)

i do have one tiny complaint with abc family: that show about the teenage pregnant girl. and i think the word 'average' is somewhere in the show title. insane.

OH - happy fourth of july! yay for sparklers and those popper things that you can throw on the ground! and fire works!


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