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Friday, June 20, 2008

and we're back..

well, zach left on wednesday. so now i am bored/lonely and back to blogging.

BUT zach's leave was absolutely amazing. please, let me sum it up:

wedding weekend, georgia, friends, love, gatlinburg, fishing, family, stoney larue, food (lots and lots), habersham, cigars, tallulah gorge, kennesaw mt (driven not hiked, naturally), warnings and not tickets, a car, an old truck, shopping, brick store, a camera, playing match maker, cuddling, bears, airports, hellos/goodbyes, and love. did i mention that already? let that be stated again: love.

so, it was so wonderful to have zach home. now i just need to fast forward to Christmas. but i guess that isn't the point of living, so i'll try to stay in the moment. kind of tough, huh?


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