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Saturday, May 3, 2008

saturday night post!

please don't judge me for posting on a saturday night. i have no life. i also have no shame. goodness, i am so bored now... but today was crazy. i won't go into details, but here are the highlights: my dog, a park, 3 ticks in my car, cuss words, littering, and a pet rabbit.

anyways, i am in the process of packing to go home. praise Jesus!! what is crazy, is that when i come back to TN it will mean that zach will be home in just over ONE WEEK. people, this fact needs processing. it means i have a little over 3 weeks to:

1. highlight my hair
2. run run run and tone tone tone
3. get my nails did/other fun primping things
4. shop for outfits - most importantly, the "airport outfit) (eeeeeee!)
5. clean the condo
6. get curtains

the funny thing about 1-4. it doesn't matter. i don't think zach will care (care as in: i am sure if i had mousy brown hair, chipped nails, and an extra 5 pounds he would love me). but i care, so its on the list!!

well back to folding, cleaning, vacuuming, and packing. (and watching "what a girl wants" haha)

OH my new fav thing: minute maid cranberry juice slushy from sonic. (btw: army people love sonic - there are at least 6 in this town. i am so army.)


Blogger brooke said...

haha...one of the things that stands out about my week is cuss words, too :)

May 4, 2008 at 1:36 PM  

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