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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

um, yea

i am still in the process of bringing stuff from marietta up to clarksville. mostly books. today i unpacked my journals and thumbed through them. wow... such a mix of emotions. it is so wierd to miss the past and be repulsed by it all at the same time. i have such a love/hate memory of uga... i have really awesome memories and yet there are some experiences that i never want to return too. (and i'm talking past personal experiences, not relationships haha, just in case anyone is speculating. haha, ohh. funny. sort of.)

to top off the journals, i got my old computer working and was able to look at my old pictures. so the bittersweet feelings only got worse. so, to get rid of that wierd feeling and effect that bittersweetness gives me, i went to hobby lobby and bought something.

regardless of sad memories, i miss all my friends and you know who you are :) praying for all of you.

(so that was a bit of a downer post. so here is an upper.)


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