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Monday, April 14, 2008

army wives club

my relationship with the army is so love hate. i hate deployments, sneaky contracts, the commissary on pay days, the millions of crazy acronyms, killing (even when neccessary), excessive amount of smoking, and the excessive amount of cursing. (ok, the last two are an over generalization. many soldiers and their families do not curse or smoke excessively. BUT enough do that it annoys me.)

but, every time i attend army stuff, i really do enjoy the army life. i like the immediate community and understanding. i have met lots of really cool people. my frg (family readiness group) is really sweet and supportive and doesn't gossip. many things about the army makes me laugh... like the baby booms after deployments/r&r's and awesome army t-shirts/apparel. i also like the easiness of the doctor's office because you don't sign out or pay anything - same with the pharmacy. (this is based on one doctor's visit on post, so don't quote me on that just yet... and i wasn't impressed my doctor. but the other staff was really sweet. the receptionist even invited me to her church and gave me directions and her name and number.)

one day i really want to live near family and i want the husband home for pregnancies and every minute their lives. i guess i would be hesitant if God led us to army life forever, but i think i would come around. i pray He doesn't, but i won't afraid if He does.


Blogger Benji said...

good lord. this post is a week old. give us something new dude.

April 21, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

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