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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

this is going to freak people out

...especially the husband. unfortunately it has been on my mind.... and so it makes the blog.

i am not quite sure when my love for children set in. way way back, i know that. in college, i was thankful for a "redneck vs emo" party because i got to plastic wrap a pillow to my abdomen and look pregnant. but now that i am volunteering in the nursery, baby fever has set in. not so much "give me a baby now" fever but more, "wow, i don't want a baby now, but i am really excited about having one later" sort of fever. i also began to pray daily for zach and i as parents and for the unborns... and there is something about praying about it that puts even more of a desire and excitement in my heart. OH and the fact that zach is gone makes it impossible to have a lil one - and you know how it is - one always want what isn't possible. right? haha. oh whatever. (just to make it clear - i really do not want a baby now. really. it will be a good 4-5 years, and i am f i n e with that. so you can take a breath now, zach.)

ok, totally switching gears. i found the most amazing show EVER. it is called "college hill: atlanta." it is pretty much BET's version of the real world and oh my goodness it is entertaining. check it out so i have someone to discuss it with. i just literally laughed out loud thinking about it...

switching gears on last time, i just want to say i am LOVING my Bible study and Lord knows i am needing the interaction this week. so, thank You Jesus...


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