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Saturday, March 15, 2008

ohh i don't know.

i am utterly spoiled. there is no denying it. i have a wonderful husband, a roof (and a cute one at that) over my head, education, friends, and family, and i live in america.
normal, nothing out of the ordinary, american life.
(i am not just spoiled here on earth, but by my Heavenly Father, i am blessed with earthy and heavenly possessions. and so much so that it would be pointless to list all He has done for me. )

and then i started thinking about the line "God bless america" and all this reminds me of something louie giglio said. (ok, i think it was him, but now i'm not sure... if anyone can verify, i'd appreciate it.) so, giglio said something along the line of "we always say 'God bless america.' HE has. america needs to bless God." love it. i don't have energy to really talk about this right now, but obviously the statement says it all.

for whatever reason, i feel God giving my heart the ability to grieve for places that i have never been, people i have never met, and situations that i have never experienced. sometimes zach says i should just worry about what is going on in my life, but i am so thankful that i am not able to just focus on my life. i mean, PTL*. (side note: it is not that zach wants me to "not care", its more that he doesn't like to see me upset.) and don't get me wrong, i am usually all wrapped up in me and my small, bubble of a life - but Jesus is giving me sweet glimpses of love outside myself.

in other news, i will begin volunteering in the nursery tomorrow at church!! i am excited and slightly worried - you know, new people, new experience, lots of babies. it could be good though, because the more nervous and tired the nursery makes me, the less likely i will want my own little ones any time in the next 3 years. (be thankful zachary) :)

*Praise the Lord


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