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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


so my mom and i just finished "becoming jane" - everything about it made me ALMOST love it. love the princess diaries girl, and love james mcavoy. (except don't ever go see atonement... very sad. i mean, tragic.) and of course, i LOVE jane austen. now, i don't mean to give anything away, but if you know anything about jane austen, you know she never married. so, there ya go. this is why i ALMOST loved the movie - no happy ending for "becoming jane." which was just devastating to me. for instance, i HATED, and i mean H A T E D "in good company." i can remember walking out of the movie with the worst feeling. and all because of the horrible ending.

so there is no point to this blog, except to vent my feelings. if i am going to see a movie, i want a happy ending. i want the pretty people to fall in love. i want them married and happy and to live like that for the rest of their long lives. and it truly breaks my heart that jane austen could write these stories, but not have one of her own.


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hello steph.

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