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Friday, March 7, 2008


well, i got to talk to zach today. finally. i have been spoiled since he was on the mitt team... he had internet in his room and seemed to be "done" for the day at a considerable time. but the new place he is at sort of sucks. when he gets online its for like, 5 minutes. and he calls me when it is one in the morning his time and he should be asleep then! AND his leave which was supposed to be in june might change since he just changed companies. army is pushing it. we very much so have a love-hate relationship. (mostly hate haha.) i don't want to go into a lot of detail, but any "army wife" understands the stress and uncontrollable worry. thats a lie, i am guessing it could be controlled, but it is hard to do so. i am not sure where i am going with this, so i'll just stop. (side note: i am aware that many wives go for days longer than i do before talking to their husbands. i am blessed with what i have been given... i am just tired of deployment.)

ANYWAYS does anyone other than me watch "america's best dance crew?" i am loving it. i am so torn between kaba modern and jabbawockeez.

also, buck had a photo shoot yesterday. enjoy :)


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