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Thursday, March 13, 2008


alright, before i came back to TN, i bought a book on tape. i had already read this book, but it has been a few years, so i thought it might be nice to "read" it again. sadly, it wasn't as good on tape - the reader was too uptight so the book wasn't as funny. regardless - it was a sophie kinsella book, so i loved it anyways.

but the real reason for this blog is for the mark of the lion series - written by francine rivers. ya'll, go get it, read it, and love it, just like i have. on tuesday, i had to get my car fixed, so i sat there for 4.5 hours. luckily i had "a voice in the wind," which is the first book of the series, with me. i ignored all school work for the day, and finished the book that day.

just for some background, the story takes place in israel about 20 years after Jesus was crucified. it follows hadassah and her journey as a slave with a roman family. hadassah's devotion to the Lord and how it affects those around her is simply inspiring and hopeful and incredible. i know that some Christian fiction is corny, but these books are q u a l i t y.

also, i am reading "the five love languages".... hopefully when zach comes home for leave i will be fully prepared to just love on him and do so unselfishly. CANNOT WAIT!! ps- his leave has changed to the end of may... the count down begins!!


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