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Saturday, March 8, 2008

africa or the upper east side?

i am torn. and it may sound silly, but it has become quite a dilemma in my life. half of me wants to just totally sell out to some worthy cause like, mother theresa style. that part of me wants to leave NO carbon foot prints. this half of me would become vegan or something crazy. i'd move to africa and teach children how to read. i'd build wells and hospitals. now the other half of me wants to go crazy in the opposite way. this part of me wants to have so much stuff that its just wasteful - i'm talking veneers, done up hair, facials every week, clothes that only get worn once, and some vehicle that only has like, 5 of them made in the world. and i wouldn't be vegan because i'd have a personal trainer and a cook.

obviously, these two lifestyles don't go hand in hand. all week i've been stressed about this conflict, and it might sound corny - but unless i turn to the Lord for direction i will be stuck in limbo forever. only He can help me maintain self-control and reign in the the gluttonous life style that is america. i just want something in the middle... or really, just to be content where i am.


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