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Monday, March 24, 2008


So yesterday was Easter. I stayed in Clarksville. I started to work the nursery a few weeks ago, and felt like my help might be needed on Easter Sunday. I have to admit, after church, it was a lonely day. Even going to church is can seem lonely, but on Easter I tried to really reflect on how Christ has carried me through these past 6 months. And yesterday, during worship, I was almost thankful for to be alone* - I knew He was there and that is all I need. (We sang one of my favorite songs. You can hear it here on youtube, but I can't find a version that is as good as ours was at church yesterday - led of course by The Daniel Doss Band. )

I had another strange glimpse today of how God provides. Hopefully I can explain it so that it makes sense, sometimes I have a hard time - especially when it seems so crystal clear in my mind. Anyways, Buck, my dog, didn't eat all day today. So around 9PM he started to cry and run up to me and then run to the pantry and just whiiine. The thing is, food has been in his bowl all day long. I finally grabbed some of his food and held it out to him in my hand. Even then, he backed up and was afraid. Once he came to me, he realized it was food, ate it and then went and ate out of his bowl. He is sort of dumb. But, how many times have I had everything I need - right it front of me. Except, I'll cry for it and whine about it until God hands it to me... and then it frightens and startles me!! Only after do I realize God has been providing the entire time. Typical. Guess I am not too smart either haha.

OH and Fantasy Baseball has begun!! I actually miss hearing all the convo about it and the Sundays spent waiting for games to end so I could hang out with my friends haha. I'm pulling for Zach's team to win because I get a little shopping spree if he gets first place!! (That is my incentive to cheer for him and not get irritated with it all haha.)

*I was thankful to be alone in the moment, yes. BUT I know I wasn't created to be alone. So of course, I would have rejoiced to have Zach by me, and much rather preferred it that way :)


Blogger Benji said...

i love reading your blog. don't ever stop....

March 25, 2008 at 6:29 AM  

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