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Friday, March 21, 2008


last night i was bored and sort of lonely and couldn't think of anything to do. i have been chewing my nails down lately, so i thought i'd get them done. a little treat for myself. or so i thought.

i should have known from the beginning it might not go well. when the lady put the tips on, i told her, at least twice to please cut them shorter, because i like short nails. she kept saying "oh, ill file them - do not worry!" she kept going, and at the end, painted them. i was already sort of upset because they were too long, but then it happened. she put GLITTER on my nails. she painted a strip of glitter beneath the white of my french manicure. i didn't even have an option. the said thing is, this is not the first time a nail lady has put glitter on me - it happened last year too when i got a pedicure. is it the way i look or dress? something about me must scream "please, i need silver glitter to feel complete!" goodness. the most frustrating thing is that i tried to be assertive, but the nail lady still did whatev she wanted.

needless to say, i am looking ghetto fab these days...


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