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Sunday, April 13, 2008

weekend awesomeness

passion was absolutely amazing. louie, as always, shared an incredible message. worship was INSANE. i mean, i truly cannot explain it.

the girls i went with were awesome and it was great to meet new people. but, it really made me miss all my girlfriends. i miss having my close friends living near me. (insert a sigh here.) it was also difficult to be so close to my fam - grimes and underwoods - and not be able to see them. i almost felt like i wasn't in georgia... almost.

oh, fun story: so praying for the country of iraq is obviously important to me. but the country seems so far gone and when i pray for the iraqi people its one of those "it may seem like You aren't there, but i know You are and that the Holy Spirit is moving..." you know, very general prayer. WELL louie told us (the massive crowd) that passion 07 raised money and built a community center in northern iraq (among many other cool things all over the world) to minister to the kurds. um, that is awesome. and now i have specifics to pray for and i love specifics. it probably seems insignificant, but it was a blessing for me to find that out - God let me know a little bit about His story goin on over there... and just reminded me keep on praying.

lots of other fun things happened, but i didn't get back to TN until 3:30AM... and then got up at 7:30 AM. that mixed with 2 other nights of less than 6 hours of sleep = not good.


UPDATE: check out the Freedom Center Website!!!!!


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