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Thursday, April 10, 2008

tornadoes!!!! eeeek.

Tornadoes are coming tonight. I mean, its not for sure, but the "conditions are right." I usually begin to freak out pretty soon after any watch or warning is given - even if it is talked about 12 hours in advance of the storm. I just hate storms - especially ones that make it okay for tornadoes to form and to destruct and to be scary. Even now as I am really trying to relax, I can feel my heart beating slightly faster than normal. I hate tornadoes because I have absolutely NO control over them. n o n e. Hate that.

What I am about to admit is sort of dorky, but I'll share it anyways. For the past few storms that I have been through alone in my condo I have been trying a different approach. When a warning comes, I gear up: Bible, flashlight, blanket, pillow, dog, and shoes. (I put on sneakers when I go into duck and cover mode because my mom used to make us do that. That way, if a tornado ripped our house apart, we wouldn't hurt our feet walking through debris. Oh, Susan. Love her.) If it is at night, I get all these things together and ready and when it hits I head to the downstairs bathroom. From that point on - it is totally out of my hands. So as I sit in the bathroom, I have to trust that whatever God's will is, it is perfect. There is no reason to freak out, because ultimately, God is in control - even of tornadoes. So, if I die tonight in a freak tornado storm, you can rest assured that it was God's will, because obviously it was. If I live, it is by His hand...

Two morbid posts in a row... I really didn't see that coming. I'll post tomorrow morning to let you know I made it thru the night haha.

(AH! I just realized a new episode of the office is coming on! whoohoo :) If warning messages and weather breaks ruin the show, I will be sooo mad!!)
Also, here is where I got that graphic. This is a great site about how to ready yourself for nature's worst!


Blogger lucy said...

oh susan! she thinks of everything!

April 10, 2008 at 7:02 PM  

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