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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it was gone, now it is back.

baby fever that is.

so saturday night i had HORRIBLE stomach cramps. i mean, i woke up my parents at 3AM to make sure i wasn't dying. but anyways, so as i was laying in bed in pain, a thought came to my head... "i bet this is only a fraction of that childbirth is like. ummm, count me out." and just like that, all desire for babies was out the window.

just to top it off, the nursery the next morning was a mess. 7 babies. all wailing. my arms are still sore from one especially chubby baby. AND then, the sermon was about parenting. hahaha.

so i thought it was all over, and just in time for zach to come home (AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but tonight in community group i was talking to my friend, who is in her first trimester, and the fever took hold again.... so sorry zach :)

(okay, i realize i might seem crazy for writing all this baby stuff. i'm halfway serious halfway amused at myself. i will NOT be getting pregnant over r&r or anytime soon.... but i still like to talk about it.) :)


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