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Sunday, June 29, 2008

"just don't start crying"

i have made it back to tn.

it was a pretty emotional day. before i left for clarksville, i found out that my brother's best friend growing up was shot in both legs. (he is in the army, but i can't remember if he was in iraq or afghanistan.) he is ok, and is flying back to fort drum. please keep him (andrew) and his family in your prayers.

so that hit too close to home for me, and then i had to drive back to an empty condo. so, i unpacked everything from the car and kept repeating "just don't start crying." haha, it worked until i saw some of zach's stuff around our room. AND THEN i called my mom to let her know i made it back safely. mom has a way of bringin on the tears. zach happened to beep in and had to listen to me. (he's the best, though, and i'm so glad he called just then.)

but let's talk about the newest stress in my life: cars. now that we have another car, other than the civic, i have been having issues about not driving my honda. i feel guilty that it isn't getting driven. it's as if the car has feelings and i have hurt them. i used to feel that way about stuffed animals i didn't play with as much as my fav stuffed animals. it sounds silly, but really, i feel so guilty!

side note: okay, i hate that i'm such a downer lately. so sorry. i'll bounce back, just give me another few days :)


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