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Monday, July 28, 2008

song, song of the south

hello internet world! i have been running all over new england the past week. its been great. i have seen family and friends, visited beautiful vermont, and did i mention i've seen family? well, they are very funny. and fun. but the more time i spend here, i realize how much i love the south. i love it.

while zach was home we went to the wonderful dolly parton production known as dixie stampede. there was a "north" and "south" side that cheered for whichever side they were seated in. well, as underwoods we only went to the show time with seats available on the south. i felt comfortable seating in the north (the north did win)- and i guess that is why i feel like people don't think i'm "southern" - that and the fact i was born in connecticut. (moved to GA when i was four or so.) while i don't feel weird sitting on the north side, i always want to sit on the south side. no where else. and i am so glad i got myself a true southern man :)

pictures to come later this week!


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