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Thursday, November 6, 2008

just another thursday night

take a deep breath. ready? now.... inhale.... and exhale. ok, you are now prepared for the following information: zach should be home in about 3 days and 2 weeks. i know! it gets hard to breath when you realize that, doesn't it? don't blame me, i tried to prepare you.

but really, is is not insane? i can't believe that the deployment is almost over. the Lord is so very faithful, i can say that for sure.

in other (old) news: i'm still getting over finishing twilight. luckily, i still have kara to talk to about it, and one of my mom's susans. (they are both reading the series.) i would really appreciate it if jessica would start *nudgenudge*. and you too kings! you too! borrow it from kara, she's finished the first one. okay -the movie comes out in two weeks and zach actually agreed to see it with me. but i am tempted to see it the first night it comes out, lie about it, and then see it again with him when he gets home. however, i virtually made that impossible because i just blogged about it. oh well, at least i'm being honest.

um, this post had no point. just keep taking those deep breaths and we'll talk more about THE homecoming later.

back to oprah on 30 rock :)


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