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Sunday, December 7, 2008

twilight with zach

zach went and saw twilight with me this past thursday. i thought i made myself perfectly clear: please save all negative comments for after the movie. really, i should have known that wouldn't happen. here was my favorite zach comment:

*there is a part in the movie that edward tells bella that he loves to watch her sleep*

me: zach, do you love to watch me sleep too?

zach: oh yea. it's a whole lot of this (and then he makes my "sleeping face." mouth half open and eyes not completely shut because of my large eyeballs. very unflattering. and a very un-edward thing to say haha.)

but, this weekend has been so fun just hanging out at home. buck is fully adjusted, zach and i went to church together (yay!), and i've gotten to meet some of his friends and he has met my friends. good times.

another rando story, just for fun:
after lunch today we were driving home and saw a group of deer. zach stopped to watch them and they were all cute walking around in the field. he pointed out that one of the males was limping and said that he was probably shot or something. for some reason made me very upset...to the point of tears. zach was surprisingly nice about my ridiculousness and he assured me that when he hunts he will always try to put deer out of their misery as quickly as possible. i do love my husband.

hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!


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