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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Millitary Balls & Nightmares

i didn't actually have any nightmares about military balls, but zach's unit or something had one last thursday and i DID NOT want to go. but ya'll, i am so thankful i did because i saw a real fight. that's right, at a "formal ball" i saw two grown men take off their jackets and fight on the ground. it was amazing. even if that fight hadn't happened, i would have called that night a success - i had lots of fun meeting people and just hanging out. the military is made up of all kinds of people and i love to meet them. and people watch.

ok, if you want to read about crazy dreams, read on. if not, i understand... stop reading now and have a great night.

alright, so i have been having CRAZY SCARY dreams. let me sum it up like this:

nightmare #1: i go to get a shot. but instead of pushing the medicine in with a small thumb bar, this shot is administered in a huge needle thing that requires a NON MEDICAL person to give the shot like she is pumping a nerf gun. and then she drops the huge shot and it dangles in my arm.

nightmare #2: i am babysitting an infant. other things happen in my dream. i go back to the baby and feel really guilty because she has a dirty diaper and i left her. i mean, i feel horrible - but other people were there - in my defense. so i go to change her diaper while i feel so bad for her and then she SPEAKS TO ME IN A SATAN VOICE: "i am going to tell on you. you left me. i am going to tell my mommy." seriously, that one was the scariest thing EVER. it messed me up the entire day after that nightmare.

nightmare #3: i am hanging out with egyptians in a large hotel. we are being held captive by evil egyptians. every hour a group of us are forced outside where lions and other wild animals try to attack us. nice egyptians protect me. then a large number of us are ushered into a very large, dark conference room. 6 people are taken from the room and we think they are saved. oh no, they were cooked. i had a nightmare about evil cannibalistic egyptians.

i can't figure out the first 2, but i will say that the night before the 3rd nightmare, i had just read about moses leading the israelites out of egypt.... so there ya go.


Blogger Michael Bayne said...

you saw a dag FIGHT! wow! you rock

February 5, 2009 at 7:03 PM  
Blogger Ericka said...

Your blogs always crack me up, Steph, you are too funny!

I do sympathize with you on the nightmares though, I've been having some crazy ones lately too. Although I have to say that nightmare #3 sounds like a mixture of the Bible and the Volturi from Twilight. :P

February 7, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

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