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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon

My good friend, Lucy, has convinced me to break my blog silence to write my thoughts on New Moon. And you know, you really have to twist my arm to talk about the Twilight Series....
I read the books a little over a year ago, and you can check out my obsession here. I was SO excited about the first movie. After seeing Twilight, I was so let down. The acting was 'blah', and it didn't capture the love between Bella and Edward that the book portrayed. (No movie could, I guess.) So, going into New Moon, I knew that it wouldn't live up to the book and HAD to be better than the first movie. OHHH I was not disappointed with the second movie!!
I will forever be Team Edward. But Lucy made some really great points about Jacob in the movie (really, go read her blog, she is amazing). I probably never would have noticed because I am blinded by my devotion (haha) to Edward. The movie really did show Jacob as a legitimate and really, a healthier choice for Bella. I get that. Esthetically, Jacob blew Edward out of the water. And that is all I have to say about that.
I will be seeing the movie again soon, so perhaps I will have even more insight. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!


Blogger lucy said...

1. solid post!
2. welcome back
3. thank God we're both married or else the movie might have been a huge lust fest ;)
4. i'm happy to see that we're both a bit more balanced on the whole thing ;) and i see your point
5. RPatz is the most awkward person in the world
6. KristinS is the 2nd most awkward
7. TaylorL. is the hottest teen these days.
8. if TL and TSwift got married i would be extremely happy and elated (and that is ridiculous) of course.
9. we're going to the lake for Tgiving.
10. wish you were coming with!

Happy Thanksgiving, love! oxoxoxo

November 25, 2009 at 6:37 AM  

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