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Sunday, October 19, 2008

i've been tagged!

so my friend laura tagged me for this blog chain thing. i don't know what to call it. but anyways, these were the instructions: post 6 facts about yourself and then tag 6 other people. i have homework to do... so naturally, i will do this.

1. i laugh the hardest when i'm with my sister.. like, to the point of tears (and maybe pee. don't judge me.) i love going home to georgia after being in TN for too long, because it always feels so good to really laugh.

2. after one of the first dates with zach, i saw him at the georgia football spring game (G-Day). after talking with him i started making my move to leave and i sort of froze. in a split second, i didn't know if we should hug or have no physical contact and just say good-bye. so, i gave him a high-five. i was mortified.... zach, of course, didn't even notice the awkwardness. so i married him :)

3. i love to sing into hairbrushes.

4. i am emotionally involved with television.

5. my family dog, spot, knows when he is being made fun of. he once had this gross bump on his neck. kara made fun of it for a long time. spot never even knew it was there and then one day he started scratching at it til it bled BECAUSE kara was so mean. isn't that heartbreaking?

6. i enjoy playing "would you rather" even though i can get very stressed out choosing what i would rather do....

ok, so if you read this and also blog, please take part in the fun! i think i'm supposed to tag people, but i am too lazy :) let me know if you do it! love!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

say cheese!

i love cheese. i love it so much that i don't buy it because i can't not eat it if it is in my house. i have no self-control with cheese. anyways, when i was grocery shopping last week i was getting soy milk and saw "cheese." something possessed me to try this cheddar flavored fake cheese.

when i eat real cheese and crackers it looks like this: one cracker with a huge slab of cheese. veggie cheese is more like this: two crackers sandwiching a very thin slice of fake cheese. fake cheese has a not so great after-taste. however, i can definitely stop eating fake cheese and it does sort of meet my daily desire for cheese.

i'm going to hit up the whole foods store in nashville next week. (um yea, it takes me an hour to get there. so all my atl friends that live right next door to quality food stores *coughaltmix's* be so thankful) anyways, maybe i'll try a different brand of imitation cheese and i'll let ya'll know how it goes :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

wild and crazy saturday night

yesterday my parents came to visit. then today we drove to sewanee to watch will(ie) play lacrosse. good times. but then, i headed to clarksville, and mom and dad headed back to marietta. on the way back there was crazy traffic on 24 west because of a wreck. so because i have gps and i think "hey, i can figure out a detour!" why on earth did i think i was capable of that? i got off at about ext 30. i drove around for prob an hour and got back on 24 at ext 19. that is ridiculous!! so now i am tired and lonely and watching hope floats. maybe not the best combo.

someone told me that the last month or so of deployment seems to drag on. i didn't really believe that, but i do right now. november 24ish couldn't get here fast enough!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

time for bed!

so, i just commented on lucy's post (love her!) and it got me thinking. i mentioned how i LOVE lifetime channel at night... will & grace (10-11), frasier (11-12), and golden girls (12-1). now, i included the times because i don't really think about when i should go to bed by time, but by lifetime. like tonight, i would like to be in bed for the first episode of will & grace. and if one night i can't sleep, i know its bad if i'm watching the second episode of golden girls. i am so looking forward to zach being home, because then i won't have to sleep with the tv on ;) (oh and then i love how the nightly scheduled is mirrored in the morning... golden girls, frasier, and then will & grace. don't lie, you have totally noticed that too.)

speaking of the husband... i would like to share my fav conversation with him this week:
(background: i have a monday night class from 6-9:30. horrible.)

me: you are going to have to find something to do and someone to cook for you on monday nights!

husband: yea. well, you can cook before you leave. and its ok, i'll watch monday night football.

me: i'm not cooking that night.

husband: oh, i can watch football at a restaurant or bar or something with my friends.

me: no fair! i want to come!

husband: you have class, but you can drop me off and pick me up!

we both laughed reaaalllyyy hard at this :)