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Monday, July 28, 2008

song, song of the south

hello internet world! i have been running all over new england the past week. its been great. i have seen family and friends, visited beautiful vermont, and did i mention i've seen family? well, they are very funny. and fun. but the more time i spend here, i realize how much i love the south. i love it.

while zach was home we went to the wonderful dolly parton production known as dixie stampede. there was a "north" and "south" side that cheered for whichever side they were seated in. well, as underwoods we only went to the show time with seats available on the south. i felt comfortable seating in the north (the north did win)- and i guess that is why i feel like people don't think i'm "southern" - that and the fact i was born in connecticut. (moved to GA when i was four or so.) while i don't feel weird sitting on the north side, i always want to sit on the south side. no where else. and i am so glad i got myself a true southern man :)

pictures to come later this week!

Monday, July 21, 2008

oh my god, oh my god you guys

last september i fell in LOVE with legally blonde: the muscial. so, if it were up to me, there never would have been the reality tv show "legally blonde: the search for the next elle woods" because laura bell bundy would be elle forever.

however, i was TOTALLY into the show. i have never been so nervous watching tv before. and let me tell you, i have experienced emotion while watching tv. (think: izzy losing denny. publix holiday commercials, house season finale, etc.) i was going crazy waiting for them to announce the next elle - bailey or autumn.

i'm crazy.

so, bailey won. and watching her audition, i knew she would get it. but, i was really pulling for autumn - she was 28 and i so wanted her to have her big break.

ok, so in real life, i do have stuff going on. it just ended up that searching for the next elle wood was the most exciting part. haha.

oh me oh my

so, i realize that in last post i should have just talked about the 'feed my lambs' concept, because really, all the republican/democrat stuff was not even on my radar, wasn't what i was focused on.

however, i did manage to get zach up and riled about it. haha.

anyways, i have decided to be a substitute teacher this fall. i'm not really sure what i am getting myself into :)

off to fill out paper work!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

preach on!

this post is going to sound rather liberal of me, which i am sure will make many (including my husband:) rather uncomfortable.

i was blog-hopping around and came across this blog. i have a hard time expressing my thoughts, so when i read someone else's words that are able to voice my opinion, i get really excited.

here is what he wrote:

"Christians have a fundamental calling, and that is to find our lost brothers and sisters. We will not conquer this world for Jesus, and frankly, he doesn't need our help. We will not stop gay marriage and institute a God-approved (the Republican version, of course) tax rate. We will not keep people from philandering, gambling, masturbating, and wearing clothes that fit too tight, and if you think Christ wants you to fix these problems, then you are dreadfully, soul-shakingly mistaken.

"Tend my lambs." Not "stop people from being naughty." No "get the government off the back of the small businessman." Not a hint of "protect gun rights and the death penalty."

And certainly not "keep out the immigrants."

To the contrary, we received the Great Commission, and don't tell me that was just for the Disciples, because to believe that is to be hopelessly misguided about your place on this earth. We are to be a light to the hopeless and lost, be it in our own families, neighborhoods, churches (yes, there are plenty of hopeless and lost people there), and businesses, or overseas, amidst the unwashed, non-Republican masses."

now, i am NOT trying to make some political statement. please, understad that. what really spoke to me was the reference to John 21:15-16 - "tend my lambs." i can totally get caught up in "fixing people." i get more worried and concerned over some one's actions, foul language, and other sins than i am compassionate toward their heart and spirit. many times i see people through my own legalistic lens than i do through the saving grace of Jesus. very, very sad.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

maybe this could work?

when zach was home on leave we spent the majority of our time at our home: georgia. being home with him and seeing our friends put this longing in my heart to be back in marietta, habersham, atlanta - where ever as long as we are in georgia.

but tonight when i left community group, i had the CRAZIEST feeling. it was the feeling that if God wanted me to stay in clarksville, i would be okay with that. (that really says a lot about my community group too.) it was almost freeing, because i am learning to truly trust that God will meet me wherever i am at. and that means i will be willing to go where ever He sends me and the husband. although i can't help praying that place will be georgia, i have this wonderful feeling that where ever we go after the army, i'll be content with my Jesus.

ps- miss you skittle.

sad day tuesday

for the past week buck and i have had a visitor. his name is duke, but i called him skittle. he is a little six month old yorkie-poo. ok, i know this sounds crazy (not the first time i've had to state that), but when skittle left today, i actually cried. i called my mom and she said, "but you'll see him again." i just replied, "i know! but it won't be the same!!" haha. but really, i feel like a crazy dog lady.

i know now why my mom greets buck first and with more enthusiasm than she has for me.
i'm with you mom. i am totally with you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


so, being back in clarksville has not been nearly as horrible as i thought. in fact, it hasn't been that horrible at all. i am loving school, and feel like i finally have found what i should be doing. (funny, that seems happens when you trust in the Father...) i have enjoyed seeing friends and having some alone time.

that's all. God provides. good night friends.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

my 15 minutes of FAME


watch this.

(fast forward to about 1min 45 seconds.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

oh, my poor husband...

i live near a new hospital. i haven't heard any ambulance sirens, and there is virtually no traffic. i almost feel like it isn't open, but it is. today i was driving home today, and a car behind me had its flashers on and was driving quickly. they passed me, and i saw a women in the passenger's seat, holding the door frame... i got SO excited - because in my mind, they were driving to the hospital to deliver a baby!! loved it.

well, i guess since i am on the subject on babies, i'll just stick to it. haha. when zach was home, he and i had dinner with some of our favs. i love this newly wed couple, but they have really done some damage to my "next five years" plan. while we were eating, i brought up the subject of having kids. (its only natural, people.) much to my HORROR, my female friend (you know who you are haha), says "oh, well i can't even think of having kids until i'm 30." if there was ever a time for zach to not pay attention, or to be deaf, it was then. but, the damage was done. in that moment, zach added another 3 years of waiting. so, thank you *coughlucyandgrant* haha.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more nail salon drama.

i always seem to have some weird experience when i get a mani or pedi. (although, i have had TWO normal nail salon visits in marietta.) today i got my a pedicure in clarksville... here is a sum up of my visit:

1. started off with scalding water. i said "its a little warm for me"... nothing was done and the entire time my feet were bright red. (this is really my fault. i seem to lose my voice and allow myself to be tortured by nail people.)
2. the guy didn't wear gloves.
3. he used the razor shaver thing. we were talking and i say "i am from georgia, and they aren't allowed to use those." he says, "yea, we aren't supposed to either. we just do." and then i had horrific thoughts about why the razor things were banned...
4. because of the extremely hot water, i started to sweat. and i couldn't stop.
5. i just know he was talking about me to his co-workers. i just know it! (i forgive him though, because he spent some time talking to me too. he was nice to my face atleast haha.)

totally switching gears here: i am baby-sitting a tiny 6 month-old yorkie-poo!!! his name is duke and he belongs to the anthony's. buck is still warming up to him, but i know they'll be bff4l's.

ok, back to re-watching '27 dresses.'

Thursday, July 3, 2008

guilty pleasure alert!!

so i thought that surely, my obsession with cheesy Christian novels would take the cake. oh no, then those crazy people at abc family had to come out with camp rock. that's right, i am loving camp rock. it is painfully awkward and awesome. AND that main girl can really, really sing.

and it is not over folks, i'm hoping for another hit in "picture this" with ashley tisdale. with zach gone, i totally indulge because i wouldn't enjoy these movies nearly as much with him complaining in the background :)

i do have one tiny complaint with abc family: that show about the teenage pregnant girl. and i think the word 'average' is somewhere in the show title. insane.

OH - happy fourth of july! yay for sparklers and those popper things that you can throw on the ground! and fire works!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i'll just start tomorrow, promise!

i ALWAYS tell myself that. "well, today has already gone wrong, so i'll just start everything right tomorrow." and then i continue to do whatever is making me miserable for the rest of the day. the same goes for quiet times (i still can't think of a better phrase... suggestions?). i have had a hard time getting back into my study time. by the afternoon, i'll say to myself "man, i really should have opened my Bible today... i'll start tomorrow, promise." what i SHOULD do, is just do it right then and there!?! this also applies to eating right, exercise, or moods.

what i need is a "mid-day change" and not procrastination.