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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

7 weeks

i have not been back home for 7 weeks. which means i have been in clarksville, tn for 7 weeks straight. i didn't even realize how long i've been here until i was talking to my mom tonight. some may say "7 weeks, big deal" and to them i say "you are mean." ha, no really though - i have been living on my own and self-sufficient for 7 weeks. (aside from the fact i'm living on my husband's pay check haha. and don't get any funny ideas because i live on my own... with a gun.)

last semester i went home every week after zach left for about a month, and after that i didn't stay for much longer than 2 or 3 weeks in clarksville without making a trip to marietta.

so, here are a few things i've learned:

1. how to calm myself down after a nightmare

2. how to not freak out when my neurotic dog barks at nothing outside

3. how to avoid scary shows/commercials

4. how to listen for a running toilet

5. how to join a join a church, even when it is intimidating not knowing anyone

so, there ya go. nothing really interesting, but i am sort of proud of myself. needless to say, i'm ready for a permanent roomie... (ie: zach) :)

OH let's celebrate that 1/3 of the deployment has passed and that in a couple weeks we'll hit the 6th month marker!

Friday, February 22, 2008

2 Things

Ok, it might be a blogger no-no to post twice in one day, but I wanted to get one more up for Zach to read. (And thank you Zach, for support me despite your overall dislike of blogs and bloggers)
Disclaimer: Zach loves his friend's blogs - so don't get the wrong idea! He just doesn't like the liberal undertone of blogs in general.

Alright, so I decided to share one thing that happened to me today and one new thing about me.

1 Thing that Happened:
Headphones are a must for treadmills so that time passes quickly - you can watch the personal tv (which I love) or listen to your personal music players. But tonight, while I was listening to the nano, my left headphone shocked me. An electrical current went into my eardrum, ok not quite, but I definitely felt it. So I took them off and let them chill out. Put them back in and the right ear piece shocked me!!! I need to google sweat resistant ear phones....

1 New Thing about Me:
I'm a vegetarian. At first it was sort of a joke, but I am sort of getting into it. I like thinking that I am not ingesting hormones and whatnot. So I am also trying not to eat a lot of processed food either. Too bad the Whole Foods store is an hour away... Apparantly me not eating meat subtracts from Zach's "man points," so he is not too thrilled about all this.

i probably don't like you

so, ben (excuse me, benji) started a blog and i like it. i decided that blogging would be a great way to procrastinate and now i don't have to check perezhilton.com every 30 minutes. (yea, i am one of those. perez is a guilty pleasure...i might not know who is winning the election, but you can bet i know where britney is or if amy winehouse is doing crack again. it's disgusting, i know.)

as for the title of this post: it's true, i probably don't like you. ESPECIALLY if you are done with school, making money, and/or dating/married to someone who is living somewhere in the continental US. i recognize that this is not how i am called to live or love- so i am praying through it. and don't worry, even if i don't like you, i'll still be nice to you. what is comes down to: i'm a jealous person and that's no good. hopefully, i'm a work in progress....