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Thursday, May 29, 2008

can't sleep

in about, oh, seven hours i will no longer have to crop myself into pictures with my husband. ahhhhhh!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it was gone, now it is back.

baby fever that is.

so saturday night i had HORRIBLE stomach cramps. i mean, i woke up my parents at 3AM to make sure i wasn't dying. but anyways, so as i was laying in bed in pain, a thought came to my head... "i bet this is only a fraction of that childbirth is like. ummm, count me out." and just like that, all desire for babies was out the window.

just to top it off, the nursery the next morning was a mess. 7 babies. all wailing. my arms are still sore from one especially chubby baby. AND then, the sermon was about parenting. hahaha.

so i thought it was all over, and just in time for zach to come home (AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but tonight in community group i was talking to my friend, who is in her first trimester, and the fever took hold again.... so sorry zach :)

(okay, i realize i might seem crazy for writing all this baby stuff. i'm halfway serious halfway amused at myself. i will NOT be getting pregnant over r&r or anytime soon.... but i still like to talk about it.) :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i forgot to mention...

i read louie giglio's blog today and passion was in stockholm.... where some latvians were represented!!! i know i am only half latvian and that really, i have no emotional ties to the country, but um, this made me happy.

(picture is from 268blog and that my friends, is the latvian flag. Praise Jesus.)

24 west

i came back to TN last night and was having a lot of "oh woe is me" moments. i'm only here for a few days, but it was hard to leave home when i had family and friends so close by. and even though i was sleeping on the couch while i was home (my room is being painted), it was much better than sleeping alone in a condo. so i get to clarksville, all lonely and mopey and mad.

but today i realized something. every place i go cannot be like home. (this is a very simple thing that most of you probably know, so bear with me.) but really, i expect to have my bff's right around the corner, my family just next door, and all the things i love and find comfortable around me all the time. that is just dumb. it is really pretty silly of me to compare clarksville to marietta. God doesn't normally bring you from one place to another place just like it. how are you supposed to grow like that? and so maybe i live alone (just for now) and only have like two friends, but when I really step back and look at my life in TN, i have everything i need. the Lord truly provides.

Friday, May 16, 2008

grey's anatomy

i stopped watching the show last season. but when zach left, i started watching it again... and i have enjoyed it. but did anyone watch yesterday's episode??? oh my gosh i cried. sometimes i feel sort of pathetic because i will talk to zach about characters in shows like i know them. i do the same thing with books. brooke and i talked about it, and it is definitely because i get emotionally involved. (it sounds like a sin, but i really don't think it is. ha)

anyways, this week has been really great. i got to see one of my fav bff's meg and spend sometime with her and her really awesome boyfriend. OH and rach and i made mac and cheese one night. to top it off, i got to go to brooke's college group, genesis, with her last night. (by the way, brookie, how was prince caspian?!?!)

so, only 11 days people!! i don't really let myself think about it too much because i get teary/ super excited/ restless :) oh i cannot wait.

Monday, May 12, 2008


i have two summer loves this season. my first, of course, is zach. my second is Christian novel series. i can't help but confess it. i know it is so not cool, but what can i say. here is why i love them.... (and thank you, brooke for discussing these with me. love you.)

1. loves stories without the trashiness of romance novels
2. lots of scripture throughout the story
3. lots of "perfect" Christians
4. even thought it's predictable, i get stressed over the story line (mostly whether or not my fav characters will profess their love and get married)
5. here is a general example of a story line: person starts out with a rough past (perhaps he/she is an orphan, or had some childhood accident resulting in not being able to talk loudly, or is an indentured servant, or loses their family on the wagon ride West, etc)... then he/she accepts Christ, falls in love, gets married, has babies....happy ending!!

so far i have mostly read lori wick and tracie peterson.

i should probably be pretty embarrassed about this post (make that most posts), but whatev :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

saturday night post!

please don't judge me for posting on a saturday night. i have no life. i also have no shame. goodness, i am so bored now... but today was crazy. i won't go into details, but here are the highlights: my dog, a park, 3 ticks in my car, cuss words, littering, and a pet rabbit.

anyways, i am in the process of packing to go home. praise Jesus!! what is crazy, is that when i come back to TN it will mean that zach will be home in just over ONE WEEK. people, this fact needs processing. it means i have a little over 3 weeks to:

1. highlight my hair
2. run run run and tone tone tone
3. get my nails did/other fun primping things
4. shop for outfits - most importantly, the "airport outfit) (eeeeeee!)
5. clean the condo
6. get curtains

the funny thing about 1-4. it doesn't matter. i don't think zach will care (care as in: i am sure if i had mousy brown hair, chipped nails, and an extra 5 pounds he would love me). but i care, so its on the list!!

well back to folding, cleaning, vacuuming, and packing. (and watching "what a girl wants" haha)

OH my new fav thing: minute maid cranberry juice slushy from sonic. (btw: army people love sonic - there are at least 6 in this town. i am so army.)